Getting Started with SkyTrak+

If you have just purchased your SkyTrak+, you're probably very eager to get it up and running. Please follow the below steps to ensure that you have everything in place to enjoy your SkyTrak+ to the fullest!

Registering your SkyTrak+

The first step to using you're ST+ is to register it to your account.

  1. Login or create an account
  2. Register your unit under My Devices. You will need the ESN (serial number) located under the barcode on the bottom of your ST+ unit 
    • If you previously owned an original SkyTrak and have upgraded to the ST+, you can register from within the SkyTrak Clubhouse as well as move over your existing memberships.
    • Follow this link for step by step directions: 



Installing and Using the SkyTrak App


Once your device is registered to your account, you are ready to install the software and begin using it!

  1. Visit for the installer for PC, iOS, and Android. You can also install the software from either the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
    • Note* - If you are a previous SkyTrak owner, you will need to update to the software version 4.4 or later to use the ST+. Older versions of the application will not connect to the ST+.
  2. Load the app (once installed) and login to your SkyTrak account.
  3. Connect your SkyTrak+ to your device using one of the 3 connection methods.
  4. You may be prompted to conduct a Firmware update before you can proceed.
    • Once you initiate the process, allow 5 minutes for it to complete.
    • When all of the lights on the top of the ST+ are green, the firmware update is completed. 
    • Do not unplug or turn off the SkyTrak+ during the firmware update.
    • Do not close the SkyTrak App during the firmware update.
    • Doing either will cause issues with the firmware update and could negatively impact the performance of the unit.
  5. Select the profile icon in the upper right to open your profile dashboard and confirm that it shows "Syncing Complete".
    • Again, this will require an internet connection.
    • Syncing Complete ensures that the licenses and memberships are completely up to date.


With that, you are all ready to use your SkyTrak+! Be sure to load up the Practice Range to start seeing your ball flight data and club head information measured and calculated by the ST+ and SkyTrak App.