Warranty FAQ

This article addresses some frequently asked questions about warranty

How long is my warranty?

Your SkyTrak unit comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 6-month or 25,000 shot (which ever comes first). Consumer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Is an extended warranty available?

Yes, SkyTrak offers a 12 month/50,000 shot Extended Warranty. This is available for purchase during the registration of your SkyTrak product.  

What does my warranty cover?
Your SkyTrak Consumer Warranty guarantees replacement in the event of product defect related to materials or craftmanship.

The warranty does not cover impact or cosmetic damages, damage by misuse, improper installation or testing, attempts to modify the product, attempted service (exceptions for battery replacement), or general wear and tear over the lifetime of the device, as well as any damages caused by spills, liquids, fires, power changes or other hazards outside of normal operation or use with 3rd party peripherals.

When does it start?
Your Consumer Warranty begins at the time of purchasing your SkyTrak Launch Monitor.  


The Extended Warranty begins when it is purchased, and will override the default consumer warranty regardless of time left.  You have 30 days to register and purchase an extended warranty plan.

How do I start a warranty replacement?

If you have an issue with your SkyTrak launch monitor, within the warranty period, contact Customer Support at (833)SKYTRAK as many issues can be resolved quickly by phone.

What do I do if my SkyTrak is no longer under warranty?

If you own a SkyTrak that is no longer under warranty, contact Customer Support at (833)SKYTRAK as most issues can be resolved quickly by phone.  SkyTrak may issue an RMA for the return of the unit to our repair facility for a diagnosis. The customer will be responsible for any diagnostic, shipping and handling and repair charges incurred.

Can I return my SkyTrak?

SkyTrak includes a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your SkyTrak launch monitor within your first 30 days, please contact customer support for a full refund.
If the monitor has been purchased through a reseller, you will need to abide by that sellers policy.