SkyTrak Launch Monitor Care Guide

Routine maintenance is important for your SkyTrak Launch Monitor in order to keep it at it's peak performance. Please see below for tips and information about proper care of your SkyTrak Launch Monitor.


  • Do not let your SkyTrak Launch Monitor get wet and do not use it on wet environments.
  • Do not leave your SkyTrak Launch Monitor outside after use outdoors.
  • Avoid spilling liquids or food on the Launch Monitor.


If your SkyTrak Launch Monitor gets wet, wait for it to air dry completely.

  • This may take a couple of days.
  • Do not dry it with an external heat source such as a hairdryer. Your SkyTrak Launch Monitor has very delicate parts that can be compromised if excess heat is introduced to the unit. 
  • Make sure all parts are assembled, USB connector and wall adapter, before charging your SkyTrak Launch Monitor.
  • Charger may become hot, however your SkyTrak Launch Monitor should not get hot.
  • Do not plug or unplug  your charger with wet hands.


Do not use the charger if:

  • The cable cord has any damage; this includes exposed wires.
  • The cable cord has been exposed to high temperatures.
  • The wall adapter has been exposed to external elements such as liquid, chemicals, or rain. 
  • The wall adapter has become damage.


Cleaning your SkyTrak Launch Monitor:

  • Use a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid contact with laser as it can scratch the reading portion.


As it has been mentioned, your SkyTrak Launch Monitor needs to be protected and this also includes external damage, for further information please read How to Protect you SkyTrak Launch Monitor.