SkyTrak Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing the SkyTrak Launch Monitor! This guide will give you a quick walkthrough of getting it all set up and ready for use.




Downloading the SkyTrak Application.


The SkyTrak Application is available for compatible iOS, Android, and Windows PC's. 


  1. Visit the SkyTrak Download page. 
  2. Select which version of the SkyTrak Application you want to install. 
  3. Follow the installation wizard.

 Download Now

Click here to view system requirements.



Connecting your SkyTrak Launch Monitor


Follow the steps to connect your SkyTrak Launch Monitor for either scenario here.



To learn how to register your unit and activate your 30-day trial of the Game Improvement Plan, click here.  (Trial begins upon successful activation)



Your SkyTrak is now connected and ready for play!