E6 Connect - Device Authorization and Simulator Rebinding

While rare, users may find themselves encountering a couple of different error messages upon logging in to TruGolf E6 Connect. One of these situations is an error message that reads "Device not Authorized".


1. Device not Authorized



  • Navigate to https://clubhouse.skytrakgolf.com/ and ensure that you have a valid Game Improve or Play and Improve Plan under the "My Devices" tab on the left side of the page.



  • Exit the E6 application by selecting the power icon on the bottom right of the home screen.



  • Open the SkyTrak application and ensure that your device connects in either Network or USB mode, and that you have all three options available to you.



This will write the required license files to your device and cease the "Device not Authorized" error message.


2. Tracking System "None"



This issue will require you to rebind your E6 Connect license.


  • Navigate to the settings page of E6 Connect through the blue gear icon at the bottom right of the home screen.
  • Select "Info and Help" on the left (1) and then "Simulator Binding" on the bottom, in red.


Note: If you do not see "Info and Help" click "Admin" and enter your four digit PIN.



  • Log in with your E6 Connect credentials.



  • If you are prompted to renew your previous license, select "No"



  • Select "Redeem" in the bottom right corner of the "Select License" screen.



After entering your product key and agreeing to activate, you may begin play.